Basketball – 5 Ways You Can Be More Effective

Basketball – 5 Ways You Can Be More Effective


The game of basketball is a fast-paced, high-intensity sport. Players are constantly running back and forth, trying to get the ball into the hoop for points or get it out before losing possession.

You need many different skills to succeed at this game, but one of the most important is being effective with your use of space on the court. If you want to be more effective in basketball, here are five ways you can do so!

Why do you have to be more effective in basketball?

Being effective in basketball means you can use your abilities and skills to contribute positively to the team. If you’re not effective, you may be taking up space on the court or making mistakes that can cost your team points.

Being more effective is all about using your tools properly to help out your teammates as well! Here’s how:

Five ways you can be more effective in basketball

1. Active hands

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing basketball, it’s this: when people say “active hands,” do not ignore them! Active hands mean keeping those paws ready at all times – sometimes reaching for balls, but other times slapping away an opponent’s shot attempt (which also counts as active defense). It takes good timing and quick reflexes, which is why you need to train your hands just like you would train any other part of your body!

You don’t want an opponent scoring on you with ease because their hands are quicker than yours, so get active and defensive. Keep those paws up!

2. Passing

This is one of the most essential skills in basketball – it’s also crucial for being more effective out there on the court. Make sure that every pass made has a purpose; if a teammate isn’t open or ready for it, be patient and wait until they can receive the ball before passing again (or look at another option). Don’t just pass the ball around without getting anywhere.

Good passing skills are vital to being effective on the court, so don’t underestimate this ability! Always look for open teammates first before shooting or trying anything new.

3. Defense

Your defense has to be at its best for you to be more effective on the court. If your opponents manage to get past you and score, this will make it harder for your team to win; therefore, you need to stop them from scoring as much as possible!

As well as passing, defense is essential if you want to have a positive impact out there, so don’t forget or neglect these two skills while playing basketball.

4. Screens

Being able to shoot quickly helps when getting ready for an attack – but what’s even better? Screens are one of the most important aspects because they allow teammates who are close by enough time/space to set themselves up before catch and shoot basketball. This action works both offensively and defensively, which makes screens very helpful indeed!

Screens also help to get defenders out of position, which opens up the court for other players.

5. Floor spacing

Floor spacing is the act of creating open space for teammates to drive or practice on improving the best shooting drills for basketball. Floor spacing is essential because it helps your team find ways through the defense and keeps defenders more spread out, which makes guarding easier – all of this allows players with ball skills enough space/time (and sometimes even defensive mismatches) that they can get off good shots!

When you are playing basketball, remember these tips on being effective to give yourself more opportunities for success!

Other things you can do to improve in your basketball game

• Get yourself kitted

Having the right equipment and apparel will be beneficial to your game! Having the right shoes can help you perform better as well as improve your basketball shoot game further.

• Warm-up

To prevent injuries, players must do a warmup before they start playing basketball. It helps reduce the risk of injury by increasing blood flow which reduces muscle strain.

• Get in shape

You don’t want to lose stamina or give your opponent an advantage because you have not been working out – so get yourself into good physical condition for the best basketball shooting drills!

• Practice

To become a skilled player takes time and practice, so make sure you put some effort towards practicing every day if possible- even just a few minutes a day will add up over time.

• Dribbling with your weak hand

The ability to dribble well requires excellent coordination, so you should practice dribbling with both hands if possible- even just for five minutes every day can help build this skill!

• Shooting

A good shot results from accuracy, strength, and practice – so make sure you constantly practice basketball shooting skills!

• Jumping higher

To get the most out of their jumping abilities, players must work on their vertical leaps by doing specific exercises. It is also crucial not to neglect leg strength – which helps increase jump height and explosiveness while holding off opponents one-on-one.

• Don’t dribble too hard

As humans, we tend to want what we cannot have, but as basketball players, you must learn to be patient when it comes to the balls. It would help if you didn’t splash around with your dribble – instead, concentrate on lower bounces to avoid losing control of the ball.

• Master, some skills, then move on to others

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all there is to learn, and we can end up trying to learn everything at once, which is a sure-fire way of not getting anywhere. Focus on learning one skill for longer and make it as effective as possible before moving on to the next!

• Get a good coach and study other players

Having an experienced coach will help improve your game significantly, but make sure you know how they play so that their advice makes sense for you! It would be best to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in basketball by watching games regularly – this will give you insights into new skills and tactics, which you can then implement in practice.


As you can see, there are many ways to be more effective on the basketball court. Whether it’s about getting a good jump shot or positioning yourself correctly defensively, these five tips should help improve your game and make all those years of hard work worth it!

Give them a try today, and let us know how they worked for you in the comments section below.


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