Should You Install Shooting Machine in Gym?

Should You Install Shooting Machine in Gym?


Once you enter the basketball court, you realize that the most important technical skill in the game is the ability to shoot. Whether you are a professional or a newcomer with some experience, grasping your shot is the key to either winning or losing. Introducing a shooting machine, a machine made to help players improve their shooting skills. However, before you are going to purchase one for your gym, let’s consider the pros and cons.

What precisely is a Shooting Machine?

First of all, we need to understand what is being discussed, so let’s define the terms. A shooting machine, often called a basketball return machine or shot trainer, is a gadget that restores basketballs after the shot is made so that players can continuously shoot without the need for a passer. It is generally set up with a net or funnel that catches the shots and rebounds them back to the shooter.

The Advantages of Installing a Shot Machine

Unlimited Repetitions: Of all the benefits of employing a shooting machine, the ability to take unlimited shots without a rebounder is probably the most significant. This means you can concentrate totally on the shooting form, consistency, and accuracy, at the same time improving your practice time.

Solo Practice: With a basketball shooter, you won’t have to worry about having a teammate or a partner at your disposal whenever you plan on practicing because a shooting machine will rebound the ball as you take shot after shot. This advantage will help in building muscle memory and perfecting your shot.

Consistency: The shot trainer basketball allows you to practice with precise passes to guarantee that every shot comes at the same pace and direction. This uniformity is the basis for the excellent development of muscle memory and the perfecting of your shooting technique.

Versatility: Shooting machines usually allow you to change the distance, speed and angle of the shots, and help you to tailor your practice sessions to address specific aspects of your game, such as mid-range jumpers, three-point shots, and free throws.

Data Tracking: Some modern shooting or basketball return machines include technology that monitors your shooting data, such as shooting %, shot arc, and release time. This data can help you understand your strengths and limitations, allowing you to modify your training plan accordingly.

The Cons of Installing a Shooting Machine

Lack of Game Realism

While shooting machines are great for improving muscle memory and consistency, they cannot simulate the dynamic conditions of a live game. In a game, you are not shooting from a stationary position, and you will most likely be under defensive pressure, both of which can have an effect on your shooting performance.

Limited Skill Development

Shooting is not everything in the game. There are other skills that a player must master such as ball handling, passing, defense, and basketball IQ. To become a rounded player you need to give time to all facets of the game, not just shooting.


The price range of shooting machines can be high, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the model and the features included. The purchase and maintenance of basketball shooting machines might not be for everyone.

Space Requirements

Shooting machines demand fairly large space for installation and use. Hence, they may pose a problem for gyms or facilities that have limited space. Furthermore, it is likely that the installation of a basketball shot trainer permanently is not going to be an option for some organizations due to the fact that they share the facility with other sports or activities.

Over-reliance on Technology

Although technology is to help people by making their chores easy, there is also a downside to using such an automated machine. You might start to disregard important areas of skill development, such as footwork, balance, and shooting off the dribble.


Let me ask you a question – Should you add a shooting machine in your gym? The answer is neither black nor white, just like the many things we encounter in life. A basketball shot trainer definitely provides great advantages due to its repetition, consistency, and versatility, but it’s not a surefire way to increase your shooting skills.

To be a good shooter, you should combine practice, hard work, coaching, and the experience of matches. Therefore, use the machine to improve your skills, but take care not to get stuck in the trap of one-sided training. After all, the objective isn’t only to be a great shooter but to be a great basketball player.


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