Which is a good choice Individual vs Professional Seller on Amazon?

Which is a good choice Individual vs Professional Seller on Amazon?


Selling on Amazon is an essential for many businesses. However, you must still select whether you want to be a private vendor or a professional seller. In fact, when you initially start with Amazon, this is the first decision you’ll have to make. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on account is a critical thing. To assist you in making the best selection possible, we’ve put together this article that explains the distinctions between Amazon individual and professional seller accounts.

Individual vs. Professional Amazon Seller

Almost all business tools come in a variety of bundles with varying prices. The higher-priced packages include more features than the lower-priced ones. Amazon is no exception. The primary difference between being an individual and being a professional salesperson is the cost of the professional selling plan. The question is whether or not you’d benefit from the extra features and whether or not they’re worth the money.Switch to a one-on-one selling strategy.

Switching to an Individual selling plan is simple.

  • Click Manage in the Your Services area on the left of the Seller Account Information page.
  • Click Downgrade on the My Services page.
  • Your payment cycle may alter if you downgrade from a Professional selling plan to an Individual selling plan.
  • Unless you change them to Inactive in your Listings Status tab, your current listings will remain available for sale when you switch to an Individual selling plan.
  • Deactivating listings will not change your selling strategy. If you wish to avoid paying extra monthly subscription costs, modify your selling plan.
  • Review the terms on the next page, then accept the terms and switch your plan by clicking Confirm Selling Plan Change.

Features of Individual Seller Account on Amazon

  • There are no seller tools available: Access to Amazon’s useful selling tools and reports is denied.
  • There is no monthly fee: There is no charge for a monthly subscription.
  • In addition to the usual seller costs, you must pay a per item fee ($0.99).
  • To sell your products through Amazon FBA, you’ll need a professional account.

  Features of Professional Seller Account on Amazon

You will gain access to Amazon Seller Central, which provides tools for analyzing your Amazon sales as well as other features.

  • Fee per month: A monthly subscription charge of $39.99 is required for the pro seller account. Regardless of whether you sell anything or not, you must pay this fee.
  • There is no charge per item: Unlike the ordinary seller account, the pro account does not require you to pay a per-item cost. The rest of the Amazon marketplace fees
  • Use FBA: You can use Amazon’s world-class fulfillment centre if you have a professional account.

Final thoughts

Winning Amazon’s Buy Box is the best strategy to get the most sales for a product. When buyers search for a product on Amazon, only one seller qualifies for the “Add to Cart” button, commonly known as the Buy Box, to appear on the page. Other sellers can be found in the site’s “25 new” section. A professional plan is required for a company to be qualified for the Buy Box. Beyond that, completing a list of conditions, such as accurately describing the product and consistently arriving on time, might boost a company’s chances.


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