The Digital Edge: Investing in Bajaj Finance FDs via App and Website

The Digital Edge: Investing in Bajaj Finance FDs via App and Website


With the advancement of technology, the way we invest our money has evolved. One of the most significant changes in this space is the shift to digital investments. Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Bajaj Finance offers a Digital Fixed Deposit (FD) option that allows customers to invest money online via their app and website. With attractive new rates of up to 8.85% per annum, the Digital FD option is getting more popular. In this article, we will discuss why investing in Bajaj Finance FDs online via their app and website is a smart choice.

Convenience and Ease of Investing

One of the most significant advantages of investing in a Bajaj Finance FD via their app and website is the convenience it offers. Customers can invest in an FD from the comfort of their home, without having to visit a branch office. With a user-friendly interface, the app and website make it easy and hassle-free for customers to invest.

The investment process can be completed in minutes. Customers need to register with their basic details, select the Digital FD option, choose the amount they want to invest, and select the tenor (duration of the investment period). After completing these steps, customers can make payment through a secure payment gateway. The entire process is user-friendly, and customers can track their investment with ease.

Attractive Interest Rates

Bajaj Finance offers some of the highest interest rates in the market for FDs, with rates up to 8.85% per annum. These attractive rates are only available to customers who invest in the FDs digitally- via their app or website. The NBFC has introduced these rates to encourage more people to invest in FDs digitally.

High-Grade Security

As digital investments take off, concerns about the security of personal and financial information have become more pronounced. Bajaj Finance uses state-of-the-art security measures to keep customer data safe and secure. The website and app are secured with SSL encryption, and customers can be confident that their information is safeguarded.

Flexible Payment Options

Bajaj Finance offers various payment options for customers who invest in FDs through their app and website. Customers have the convenience of selecting the payment method that suits them best- options include net banking, debit cards, NEFT, and mobile wallets. The website and app offer a smooth payment process that is easy and quick to follow.

Different FD Options

FDs are popular investment options, and Bajaj Finance offers different FD options to cater to different customer needs. Senior citizens can avail of the Senior Citizen FD option, which offers higher interest rates. The Systematic Deposit Plan provides flexibility in how the fixed amount is invested in FDs. There are also corporate FD options available for companies.

Auto-Renewal Facility

Bajaj Finance FDs come with an auto-renewal facility that makes the investment process more convenient. The auto-renewal ensures that customers’ money continues to earn interest even after the investment period ends. This makes it easy for those who might forget to renew their investment manually, ensuring that their money continues to earn interest.

Easy to Track Your Investment

Investing in Bajaj Finance FDs via their app and website is convenient as customers can track their investment at all times. Account details such as the investment amount, interest rate, tenor, investment maturity date, and account statement are all available online.

Customer Support

Bajaj Finance’s customer support is available round the clock. Customers who have queries can easily reach out to them through various channels, including phone, email, and chat.

Here is a step-by-step guide to open your Digital FD with the app:

Step 1: Download the Bajaj Finserv app from the Play Store/ App store

To open a Bajaj Finance Digital FD, you need to first visit the website or simply download the Bajaj Finserv app. If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to register on the mobile app with your 10 digit mobile number. Once you’ve entered your details, click on “Proceed”. Enter the OTP received on your number and click on proceed. You can set your 4-digit MPin for a seamless log in experience to the app.

Step 2: Select the Digital FD option

Once you’ve logged in on the app, go to the ‘Investment’ section and select the “Digital Fixed Deposit” option. You’ll then be shown the benefits of Digital FD. Click on ‘Open FD’ to enter the amount you wish to invest and the preferred tenure (duration of the investment). Bajaj Finance offers tenor options ranging from 12 months to 60 months. Experience higher interest rates of up to 8.85% p.a. on selection of tenure of 42 months on your chosen amount.

You can also opt for different pay out frequencies (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly) depending on your financial needs.

Step 3: KYC (Know Your Customer) process

Once you’ve completed the payment process, you’ll need to complete the KYC process. Enter your personal details, residential details, Occupation details with your Aadhar Card/Pan Card

Step 4: Choose the payment method

After selecting your investment amount and tenor, you’ll be prompted to choose a payment method. Bajaj Finance accepts payments through net banking, debit cards, NEFT, and mobile wallets. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and follow the instructions to complete the payment.

You can complete the KYC process online by providing your basic details like name, address, and PAN (Permanent Account Number) and uploading scanned copies of your ID proof and address proof. Once you’ve completed the KYC process, your account will be activated, and you can start investing in the Digital FD.

Step 5: Track your investment

Once you’ve opened a Bajaj Finance Digital FD, you can track your investment through the Bajaj Finance website or app. You can track your investment details like the amount invested, the interest rate, the tenor, and the maturity date. You can also download your account statement and receive email alerts for all transactions related to your FD.

The process of investing in a Bajaj Finance Digital FD is quick and hassle-free. By following these steps, you can start earning high returns on your investment in just a few minutes.


With attractive new rates and a user-friendly digital platform, investing in Bajaj Finance’s FDs via their app and website is an excellent option for those looking to invest securely. The convenience of digital Fixed Deposit coupled with the high-grade security measures ensures that customers’ investments are safe and secure. Additionally, options such as flexible payment methods, different FD types, and auto-renewal facilities make it convenient for customers to invest in FDs.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, investing in Bajaj Finance FDs via their app and website is an excellent move. The convenience and ease of investing coupled with the security measures, attractive interest rates, and range of FD options make Bajaj Finance a wise investment choice.


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