Light weight Vs. Heavy weight Rug

Light weight Vs. Heavy weight Rug


As a horse owner, you must have a rug for your horse. Horse rugs keep horses warm during cold months and keep insects at bay. When it comes to horse rugs, there are light weight and heavy weight.

In this blog, we discuss more about these two types of rugs. Let’s get started.

Light weight rugs

Light weight horse rugs are distinguished by a unique coating that prevents water from penetrating the rug. In particular, seams that have been properly finished and, preferably, welded or taped to prevent the passage of moisture. They are primarily constructed of synthetic fibers like polyester since they provide the best breath a bility and tear resistance. There are also light weight rugs that come with or without stuffing. You may quickly determine whether and when you require a horse rug with a filling. It is vital to re-fill lightweight horse rugs regularly to keep their waterproof qualities.


  • Water proof
  • Tear resistance
  • Breath ability
  • Taped seams

Use: outdoor

Purpose: protection from weather elements such as rain, snow, storm, etc. Also used to provide warmth to the horse.

Heavy weight horse rug

A heavyweight rug should fulfill the same standards as that of a lightweight rug in regards to, wind protection, water proofness, and breath ability. The ideal amount of warmth for the horse can be produced by the correct filling, depending on the activity, the state of the coat, and the weather. For heavyweight rugs, adequate maintenance is also necessary to preserve the material’s useful qualities.

This heavyweight weatherbeeta fly rug is used outdoors, just like the lightweight one. The purpose is to protect the horse from weather elements and offer warmth. It is also waterproof, tear-resistant, and breathable.

How to decide which rug weight is ideal

Take into account the following factors when selecting the rug weight for your horse:

Is your horse clipped? How thick is his coat if not? Since your horse’s thick coat is his natural defense against the cold, a clipped horse will need a heavier rug than an unclipped horse.

– Is your horse stabled, turned out, or both? The turnout horse will have to contend with all weather conditions throughout the winter, so your turnout rug must shield your horse from rain, wind, and perhaps even snow.

– Is your horsea little bit overweight? A lighter-weight rug is a solution if your horse has to reduce some weight. Your horse will lose part of that extra weight as his natural bodily defenses attempt to keep him warm.

– Does your horse have a chance of losing weight? A horse that is a little cold will lose some weight, as mentioned above. A heavier rug will keep your horse warm and cozy while preserving the condition if he is in danger of losing too much weight.

-Is your horse a mischievous rug-raider? There is usually one horse that wants to test the limits. Using a heavier outer fabric is the easiest way to prevent your rug horse numnah from being torn or damaged by your horse.


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