Are Collars Uncomfortable for Dogs?

Are Collars Uncomfortable for Dogs?


A collar for dogs is something that we are all familiar with. It is considered a necessary item for our pets because it is the clearest indication that the dog is part of a family and not a stray. It is also the perfect place to house an ID tag and, in some instances, attach a leash to. But according to the folk at Voyager Harness, collars are not always comfortable for our pets, particularly if they are left on continuously.

How Can Collars Affect Dogs’ Health?

Maybe your dog has been wearing a collar since he first came to your home, and it is only ever taken off when he gets washed. For some dogs, a collar is just something that they are used to, and it doesn’t ever bother them. But if you notice your dog is constantly scratching at his collar, it could be that he finds it uncomfortable – or that it is actually hurting him.

One of the most obvious ways that a collar can cause pain for a dog is if it is attached to a leash. Dogs can get quite excited when taken for a walk, and young dogs in particular might pull on the leash to get to their favorite place more quickly. However, the more they pull, the more the collar can cause damage to their neck area. In fact, dogs that pull with a leash attached to their collar are more likely to suffer with thyroid problems.

This pulling on the leash can cause blood flow restriction, which can then cause swelling in the ears and eyes. If this were allowed to continue, your dog might suffer more permanent damage in later life.

While there is the potential for the above health problems for dogs who pull when a leash is attached to their collar, there is also the issue of general discomfort to consider. If a collar is too tight or too loose, it can result in other problems for the dog. For example, a collar that is too loose can easily get caught on limbs or the dog’s mouth. If it is too tight, it could rub against the fur and cause irritation. Some dogs might even lose the fur under the collar.

Should Your Dog Wear His Collar Continuously?

Although dogs usually get used to their collar, and indeed many have no issues, veterinarians usually recommend that they do not wear it all the time. It is probably a good idea to take it off when your dog is at home, and especially at night as he will be much more comfortable sleeping without it. You can then put the collar on when you take your dog outside.

If your dog pulls when walking, attaching the leash to his collar is a bad idea. You should instead use a dog harness with a clip at the front. These harnesses are designed for dogs that pull and make it less comfortable when they do pull.

When putting a collar on your dog, make sure that it is not too loose or too tight. It should have enough room for you to place two fingers inside.


Collars are considered an important accessory for dogs as they let others know that these animals are loved and not a stray. They can also hold identification tags. But these items can cause discomfort and even harm to some dogs, especially if a leash is attached and the dog pulls when walking.

It is a good idea therefore to only put your dog’s collar on when he is outside the house, and to put him in a harness if he pulls when walking.


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