How to Have a Great Job Interview

How to Have a Great Job Interview


Congratulations! So, you’re now at the stage where you’re having your job interview. Prepping for an interview can be a very nerve-racking time and can bring around lots of anxieties and stress- as it seems as there’s a lot riding on how you are perceived by employers. And although you may think you have prepared all you can, there is always room for improvement! Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to have a great job interview.

Research the Company:

The first thing you need to do if you have an upcoming interview is thoroughly research the company and employer who you are potentially going to be employed by. This is necessary as the employer may ask you questions about the industry or company, and what your already established knowledge is about not just the job role, but the company too. It’s important to research these types of things about the company:

1.Who the company is and when they were established.

2.What the job role they are offering is and the key components of your role.

3.Who their competitors are.

4.What the company’s advantages and disadvantages are.

Rehearse the Reasons You Want the Job:

It’s a good idea to clarify why you want the job and practice these beforehand. For each job interview, it’s a good idea to prepare at least three reasons as to why you are the most suitable person for the position. Alongside pointing out general things such as “I am very organised”, it’s also a good idea to think of an example of a time in work when you have demonstrated these skills.

Be Prepared for Concerns:

As part of the interview process, it is natural for interviewers to try and screen people out- as they have multiple candidates to look at. Think about what things would put you off as an employer and try to prepare your defense accordingly. Reassurance is the best way to appease the interviewer, but it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t just say these things ‘because’.


Nerves can sometimes change everything, therefore, it’s a good idea to ensure that you are rehearsed thoroughly. Practicing is a great way to ensure that you have confidence, and you truly believe what you are saying throughout the interview. A great tip is to not just practice with yourself though, speak to friends and family and get them to join in- so that you can do it in front of another person.

Treat Everyone as the Employer:

When you walk into your interview, don’t assume that you only have to be professional or polite to the person interviewing you- you never know who’s watching! Therefore, it’s a good idea to be kind and upbeat to everyone you speak to. First impressions count!

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