Current Affairs – An Important Component of UPSC Civil Service Exam and Other Government Exams

Current Affairs – An Important Component of UPSC Civil Service Exam and Other Government Exams


To help an aspiring candidate to clear the Civil Service Examination, preparation on Current Affairs should be an important cog in the wheel of the Civil Service Examination. This article will briefly help you understand the nuances of Current Affairs preparation for Civil Services Examination.

The questions covered in Current affairs are dynamic in nature. It means, the content that aspiring candidates have to cover in the Current affairs section will not remain the same in every year. In comparison, when an aspiring candidate prepares for the History section of the examination, the content remains more or less the same. Hence, due to the dynamic nature of current affairs, students will have to repeatedly study and keep themselves abreast with the latest events. Current Affairs questions will be asked at all stages of the UPSC Civil Service Examination. The Current Affairs questions can be related to environment, international relations, latest economic developments in the country or world, advancements made in the field of Science and Technology in India or any part of the globe, disasters, disaster management, in interviews students could even be asked about latest controversies related to history, climate change, etc.

Current Affairs is very vast, the topics that need to be covered are massive. Moreover, there is a problem of plenty of resources available in the market. This can put lots of doubts in the minds of the aspiring candidates. The aspiring candidates will end up referring to excess resources and there is a possibility of getting confused and losing precious time of their preparation. Hence, to avoid such things, aspiring candidates must find the best resources and develop their knowledge based on such resources. Some of the best resources that candidates can refer to are Yojana magazine, Kurukshetra magazine, Science Reporter, Economic and Political Weekly, The Hindu Newspaper, Rajya Sabha TV (currently Sansad TV).

Apart from the above mentioned study materials or resources for current affairs, aspiring candidates can also refer to BYJU’S excellent coverage of current affairs. BYJU’S coverage of current affairs is bifurcated into daily, weekly and monthly. Some of the daily coverage of current affairs by BYJU’S are The Hindu Video Analysis, Comprehensive News Analysis (CNA), Best of Press of Information Bureau (PIB), All India Radio (AIR) Spotlight, Sansad TV Perspective, Topic of the Day, This Day in History. Some of the Weekly coverage of current affairs by BYJU’S are Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Economy This Week, Weekly Current Affairs Webinar, Current Affairs Quiz, International Relations This Week.

Using BYJU’S current affairs app is like a one-top solution for the aspiring candidates. There are many benefits of using the BYJU’S current affairs app.current affairs app will help in streamlining the UPSC Civil Service exam preparation of the candidates. Aspiring candidates can find all the necessary information in a short span of time, without wasting time in finding the right resources. BYJU’S current affairs app has been rated the best mobile application for UPSC Preparation by multiple websites and the efficacy of the content and methodology is proven by many successful candidates.The users of BYJU’S current affairs app can navigate the app very easily, it will help students evaluate their weaknesses and strengths thereby helping the candidates prepare better for the examination. Aspirants can access the contents even in offline mode, so that poor internet connection and lack of internet connection do not turn out to be obstacles while studying from the app. The contents in the BYJU’S Current Affairs app is free of peripheral discussions and the contents are perfectly aligned with the syllabus given by UPSC.


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