Checking the Health of the Car Airbags

Checking the Health of the Car Airbags


Buying a used car is a complicated task, and in some cases, it is a lottery because it is literally impossible to find a vehicle’s history. To minimize the risk while purchasing a used car, you need to perform thorough diagnostics using car wash at doorstep in Hyderabad. It is especially critical to check the condition of airbags for your and your family’s well being. As they are designed to protect the driver and passengers from severe injuries during an accident.

How an airbag works

To assess the condition of the airbags, you need to understand the structure and mechanism of the operation. The airbags have four components:

  • Shock sensors;
  • Control block;
  • Elastic shell;
  • Gas generator.

Whenever accidents occur, the signal from the shock sensor is transmitted to the electronic control unit. The block then sends the signal to the gas generator, which instantly fills the elastic shell with gas: argon or nitrogen.

An airbag is a disposable item whose elastic shell breaks after being triggered and getting in contact with a person. This is the reason while buying a used car, it is essential to make sure that all of its components are in place and not deployed. How to correctly diagnose it?

Electronic control: simple but unreliable

Most cars come equipped with an airbag indicator with a pictogram representing a person with an airbag and/or the inscription Airbag (SRS Airbag). When the ignition gets on, it lights up, and after 4-7 seconds, it goes out. If the light does not go out or periodically lights up, this depicts a malfunction of the airbags, sensors, or the control unit. Moreover, if the indicator does not light up when the ignition is turned on, it indicates the fault in the lamp.

While checking airbags in someone else’s car, do not simply rely on the indicator. Nowadays, in the aftermarket, there are cheap Chinese devices that simulate the operation of the airbag indicator regardless of the actual state of the car’s passive safety system. In such devices, the indicator will light up and go out after four-seven seconds when the ignition is turned on, even if there are no airbags in the car.

Checking in a car service

Self-checking the airbags does not ensure its serviceability. There are many obstacles, the high cost of such devices, and the availability of cheap ways to cheat both the electronic control system of the car and the potential owner. In combination, such a system creates additional risks that, instead of a pillow, there can be a deception in the vehicle.

However, the importance of such a security system is so immense that it is vital that the car owner know about its actual condition and not guess. Therefore, the best way to diagnose the airbags would be to check the condition of a car wash at home in Hyderabad. When connected to the car’s on-board network, modern diagnostic equipment will give not only information about whether the airbags have been triggered and how many times, but also whether the system has been flashed.

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