Which is the Best Plywood Grade for Making Office Cabinets?

Which is the Best Plywood Grade for Making Office Cabinets?


Plywood is the trend of the present times. Due to its exceptional features and qualities, it has become an ultimate choice for building materials.Plywood is strong, durable, water-resistant or water-proof, and affordable. It is scratch and bend resistant too. Due to its significant versatility, it creates materials that stay for a long time.

Plywood is made with different techniques and methods. The unique building techniques give contrasting properties to the plywood. There are many plywood sheets available in the market, but selecting the best plywood grade for you is a difficult task.

Here we will discuss the properties of different grades of plywood. It will help you to select the best grade plywood for office cabinets.

MR Grade plywood:

MR Grade plywood also goes with the name of commercial plywood or water-resistant plywood. It has an excellent ability to resist moisture and humidity. But it does not mean that it can be used in wet areas. It resists water, but it is not waterproof.

The adhesive used to glue togethers veneersheetsto make MR Grade plywood is Melamine Urea Formaldehyde. This glue blocks the pores and gaps in the plywood, and thus, it prevents moisture and water from getting access to it. Due to its water-resistant property, MR Grade plywood serves its purpose in tropical and humid places.

MR Grade plywood is made from timber. Timber possesses good strength. It makes the MR Grade plywood strong and durable. The superior quality adhesion between the wood sheets makes the plywood stronger.

The MR grade plywood is treated with chemicals in the industry by the plywood manufacturers. It makes the plywood resistant to borers, termites and other harm-causing insects.

BWP Grade plywood:

Another grade of the plywood is BWP Grade plywood. BWP stands for boiling waterproof. It has an astonishing ability to remain immune to water and moisture for a long time. It is suitable for wet areas because it does not allow water in them at all. BWP Grade plywood has weather protection property too, which makes it superior to MR Grade plywood.

Adhesives like phenolic resins are used to glueveneers sheets together to form BWP Grade plywood. This adhesive completely blocks the pores and gaps in the BWP Grade plywood and prevents the water’s entry inside it. Due to its extraordinary property of waterproofing, BWP Grade plywood is used extensively in kitchens and bathrooms.

This plywood is also treated with chemicals, and it prevents termites and borers. The BWP Grade plywood is made with a standardized thickness which ensures the optimum strength of the plywood.The BWP Grade plywood is made with Strength and Shape retention, which provides it with a good capability to bear strength.

BWP Grade plywood fall in the premium category of plywood &is costlier than MR Grade plywood because it has better properties than MR Grade plywood.


Concluding, the BWP Grade plywood excels in all the features when compared to MR Grade plywood. It is waterproof and has better strength than the MR Grade plywood. But it does not mean it is the perfect choice for office cabinets.

MR Grade plywood is a more cost effective choice for office cabinets because offices are usually dry and humid. In such places, the usage of BWP Grade plywood is not necessary because there is no water exposure in the office. Further, MR Grade plywood has no warping effect that makes office cabinets durable and ensures their stability. The intrinsic strength of MR Grade plywood is suitable for manufacturing cabinets for the office.

Thus, to construct an office cabinet, opt for the MR Grade plywood. However, you can also go ahead with the superior BWP grade plywood. It will keep your cabinet durable and water-resistant for many years.


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