Split Inverter AC- Everything You Need to Know for This Summer


What is an Inverter Split AC?

An inverter AC is the newest kind of technology in the air conditioning industry. It makes cooling much easier and the air conditioner much more efficient. Most importantly, an inverter AC saves 35 to 40 percent more energy. It is the most preferred and sought-after air conditioner nowadays. It is easily available in many varieties to choose from. An inverter AC works on a principle very similar to a non-inverter AC. The slight difference in their functioning makes them much more efficient and energy-saving.

inverter split ac.

A regular air conditioner has a compressor that works to lower the room’s temperature by passing the room’s air through an evaporator and cooling it. This compressor works at its maximum capacity initially until the room has been cooled to the desired temperature. Then the compressor turns off, and the fan of the AC works. When the temperature rises again, the compressor starts working again. This process continues throughout the time that the AC is on.

However, in an inverter AC, this compressor works on the minimum possible power to maintain a steady temperature. It draws much less power and functions to reach the desired temperature. Once the temperature is reached, however, it does not turn itself off, and rather it keeps working on minimum power to maintain that steady temperature throughout the time that it is on. The result is that there is no temperature fluctuation in this case, like with a regular AC since the compressor works constantly.

There is another way to categorise air conditioners based on the assemblage of their units. Split air conditioners are those where both the units are cooled condensing unit and the air handling unit are installed separately away from each other. Split ACs are the most preferred ACs since they can be installed in any room with ease and provide effective cooling. The two units are connected with insulated wires.

The most efficient and latest air conditioner in the market now is an inverter split ac. It effectively combines the technology and cost-effectiveness of an inverter AC along with the ease and efficiency of a split ac system. There are many varieties and brands available in this case. You can effortlessly choose one that will be perfect for you.

Benefits of Inverter AC

An inverter AC has many advantages and can prove to be a very good investment for your home. Given below are some of its main advantages.

  1. Less Power Consumption: Because of its advancement in technology and the uniquely effective way of functioning of the compressor, the inverter AC consumes much less power than traditional AC.
  2. No Voltage Fluctuation: An inverter AC runs its compressor constantly on a steady voltage without turning it off at all, so there is no voltage fluctuation in an inverter AC.
  3. Constant Room Temperature: A traditional AC turns off its compressor once the desired room temperature is reached. Only the fan of the AC functions then. So after a while, the temperature rises and triggers the compressor again. However, in an inverter AC, the compressor works constantly and maintains a steady room temperature. Thus the temperature never fluctuates.
  4. Effective Cooling: Due to its unique way of functioning, an inverter AC ensures effective and uniform cooling in the room throughout.
  5. Environment Friendly: An inverter AC uses much less power and saves much more energy compared to a traditional AC and hence is very environment friendly.
  6. Suitable for all spaces: Air conditioners are usually chosen based on the space they will be used in. this is essential for different rooms of different sizes. A 1.5 ton split ac inverter has many convenient features for a room of suitable size.


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