The Duration Alcohol Stays In One’s Body – Things To Know

The Duration Alcohol Stays In One’s Body – Things To Know


When someone thinks of driving back, they will not consider consuming alcohol, as they know very well that alcohol in the body can prove dangerous for driving. While thinking about the time alcohol stays in one’s body, one should understand that it is highly dependent on the severity of addiction to this substance. 

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Alcohol in One’s System 

The duration with which alcohol stays in one’s body depends on many factors such as weight, age, sex, and medical history. The Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in one’s body will determine the time duration required for the complete removal of alcohol from the system. 

The Journey of Alcohol 

When ingested, alcohol moves from the mouth towards the stomach. Here, it will get absorbed into the body. First, it will be absorbed by the bloodstream, which will be then transferred to other organs from the stomach including brain cells. The effects of alcohol on an empty stomach is quite high because the small intestine will directly absorb it into the body system, unlike when there is food substance involved. 

The maximum alcohol absorption concentration is seen in liver cells because of the processing system there. At a time, liver cells can process about an ounce of alcohol per hour. However, if the concentration increases, then liver cells will fail to process as early as possible, which will then result in causing a high effect on brain cells. 

People with low blood circulation issues are at great risk of suffering from alcohol intoxication. 

People with high body fat concentration are vulnerable to alcohol accumulation in body cells for a longer time. 

People with an empty stomach are more prone to experience the high effect of alcohol. Alcohol will be allowed to pass through the body system rapidly because of empty intestine, and gut. 

People with hereditary alcoholism are more prone to get addicted to this substance. Hence, it is suggested to never exceed the limit while consuming alcohol.


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