How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products


Are you sick of cleaning products which are full of harmful chemicals? Do you want to start being more environmentally friendly and kinder to your body as well? Then we assure you that you possess all the products you will need in order to create your own natural cleaning substances all from your pantry. Things like white vinegar, baking soda, citruses and essential oils are what you will need for your homemade cleaning which are all easily attainable and things you probably already have in your house.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled ways for you to make your household cleaning more natural with products that will tackle the toughest of jobs just as any store-bought product would.

Get Empty Bottles

Since you will be doing those from scratch, you will need some empty containers. Ideally, you would want to reuse old spray bottles rather than buying them but there is no harm in investing in some new reusable bottles for your natural cleaning substances. It is important to point out that you should not store your new natural ingredients in an old bottle that used to contain harsh chemicals. Also, ensure that you label everything for the safety of other household members since you do not want to have anyone consuming these cleaning mixtures.

All-Purpose Cleaner

If you are going to make one cleaning solution for your home, it must be an all-purpose cleaner so making it right is essential. You could use this to disinfect and freshen up your home so making it with the perfect ingredients is important. What you wil need is a spray bottle, white vinegar, baking soda and your choice of essential oil. Top up with water, mix it up and shake the solution to create an all-purpose cleaner that will remove stains, odors and keep your house bacteria free.

Window Cleaner

One of the most annoying and toughest things to clean is definitely the windows. No matter what you do, there are always leftover streaks and imperfections. Swapping your chemical solutions to a more natural alternative will help you with those hard to rub off spots. In order to buff away those fingerprints all you need is white vinegar, cornstarch and once again your favourite essential oil. Adding citrus smelling one would be beneficial as well.

Dishwasher Liquid

Not only is this alternative natural solution better for you and the environment, but it is also less expensive than dishwasher liquids and tablets. At the end of the day, you are consuming your food from those plates, so the least chemicals and harmful substances are used in the solution, the better. What you will require is your best friend – the white vinegar, liquid castile soap, lemon juice and a few drops of essential oils. Mix well with water and blend if needed.

Dusting Spray

We all love a quick dusting spray when we don’t feel like deep cleaning the house. Having something super simple and efficient is exactly what will be ideal for it. It may sound odd, but you would want to boil some water, add two or more tea bags, then let it brew and chill. Once it is cool, you can add some lemon juice to the mixture and transfer to a spray bottle. Here is your quick and easy dusting liquid that will become your closest everyday companion.

Stain Removal

Stains on carpets can be very difficult to get out which is why many may not be convinced that a natural cleaning solution can do the job. However, there are different ingredients which can perform better with specific types of stains ranging from wine to simple milk and coffee. For the easier things to get rid of you could create a solution containing white vinegar, table salt and some borax powder. That would form a paste like substance which you can then apply to the stained area. Once it dries you could vacuum over it, clean with some water to get any residue out and blot with a dry cloth.

It is important to remember that not every natural cleaning solution may be right for the purpose you have in mind. Some products work better for tougher stains and others are more gentle, yet just as effective. Doing a little research on the specific cleaning you want to do would be suggested, however some of the multi-purpose cleaners are something you could go for unless you want to clean something very specific in your house. Whatever you decide to go for, ditching the harmful products and replacing them with the natural, everyday products you actually have in your pantry will make such a difference to your life.

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