How to give a great boost to the existing JavaScript security of the applications?

How to give a great boost to the existing JavaScript security of the applications?


 JavaScript is considered to be one of the most popular programming languages which have been utilised by developers across the globe in the cases of web application and mobile application development. Approximately more than 70% of the developers prefer JavaScript in comparison to the other available options and further being clear about JavaScript security is another very important aspect to be undertaken by the people.

Following are some of the very common JavaScript vulnerabilities associated with the whole process:

  1. Cross-site scripting: This is considered to be one of the most common browser-side vulnerabilities available for people and the attackers can manipulate JavaScript as well as HTML in the whole process very easily. Further, people need to note that XSS is a highly rated security vulnerability because the attackers can very easily gain access to the cookies and local storage without any kind of authorisation.
  2. Cross-site request forgery: This is the concept in which user’s cookie session will be hijacked and they will be using it and ethically for different kinds of tasks and unauthorised actions on the website or application. The most common way of initiating this particular concept is to find out the unprotected elements present on the webpage and exploit them. Luckily this particular vulnerability was discovered by a bug bounty researcher and was quickly fixed by the company before it could lead to different kinds of damages in the cases of Glassdoor.
  3. Server-side JavaScript injection: This particular concept includes the compromise with the JavaScript security in the form of vulnerability which is the most commonly ignored by the developers. This is executed on the server level and majorly targets the node.JS applications and can even severely affect the website as well.
  4. Client-side problems: Whenever the developers will be introducing the outside application programming interface on the client-side that it can make everything very much vulnerable to outside attacks and in the cases of these kinds of things poor website development practices can be the most common blame. Hence, this particular concept can lead to accessibility to the content which can even be returned directly to the web browser and can include sessions as well as cookies.

Following are the very basic tips that the organisations need to follow to deal with JavaScript protection issues and give a great boost to JavaScript security:

  • It is very much important for the organisation to indulge in the implementation of the runtime application self-protection systems because this is the best possible technology that has been perfectly designed with the motive of detecting the attacks on the application in real-time.
  • This concept will help in analysing the behaviour as well as the context of the behaviour into the applications and further make sure that everything becomes easy in terms of identification and mitigation without any kind of human intervention.
  • Depending on the utilisation of the EVAL function is another very important thing to be undertaken by the people so that there are no bad coding practices in the whole process and people can deal with the risk of vulnerabilities very easily. Replacing it with security functions is considered to be the best possible way in which people can give a great boost to the existing JavaScript security.
  • Encrypting the data on the client and server side is very much important to ensure that the application becomes much more safe and secure. Even if the hackers will have access to the data everything will be available in the encrypted form which will not be usable for them and at the same time the people need to send the cookies as secure to limit the utilisation of application so that everything is secure and encrypted webpages are only available.
  • It is very much important for the people to focus on the application programming interface security strategy because this is the best possible way of ensuring that everything will be based upon the most secure application programming interface keys and JavaScript applications are also given a great boost in terms of security

There are several kinds of JavaScript security analysers available in the industry and some of the common ones are explained as follows:

  1. ZAP: This is based upon the security authority of OWASP and this is the best possible way of scanning the website for numerous kinds of validity is at the same time. It can even be customised depending upon the requirements of the people and can even offer an easy as well as an intuitive interface to the people.
  2. Grabber: Grabber is considered to be another JavaScript security analyser that will help in analysing and scanning the websites as well as web applications for different kinds of other vulnerabilities and this is considered to be a considerably small application that will run on python systems and is very much suitable for small applications and websites.
  3. Wapiti: This particular scanner is the best possible way of detecting the file inclusion, file disclosure and several other kinds of things and further it is very much important on the behalf of people to depend upon this particular advanced level tool so that they can execute the things towards the command line very easily and efficiently and are very much successful in terms of dealing with the security vulnerabilities in the whole process without any kind of problem.

 Identification of the potential JavaScript security programs with the support of Appsealing is considered to be the best possible way of ensuring that people have proper access to the security of application as well as data of business and further taking the proactive approaches towards security and actively looking for vulnerabilities is the best possible way of ensuring that people can ensure the application is always safe and secure and there is no hassle at any point of time. Hence, depending upon the above-mentioned practices associated with JavaScript security is the best way of providing the end-users with the best possible experience all the time.


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