How can your bank account help supersize your savings?

How can your bank account help supersize your savings?


How much interest does your Savings Bank Account give you? The fundamental principle behind holding cash in the bank is to guarantee security in case of emergency or to cover everyday costs and transactions. However, if your savings portfolio will earn a higher interest rate on the empty funds in your account that would undoubtedly be the cherry on the top. In order to raise a little extra on your savings account, inquire with your bank about ‘Sweep-out’ and ‘Sweep-in’ options.

Each bank in our nation provides this specific savings account with an automated sweep-out feature, where excess funds are deposited in a fixed deposit.

And if you use the cash or your savings account runs out of cash, the fixed deposit would be automatically drained to make up the difference.

This ensures that your cash is not ever unused in your bank account. Creating a related fixed deposit guarantees greater profits by offering a nominal interest rate than the normal savings bank interest rate.

The most appealing aspect of this service is that you would not have to keep a record of your cash flows on a daily basis or provide the bank orders to make term deposits from your savings account. This procedure is carried out automatically.

You must notify the bank only once while using this service. You must determine the limit for defining excess money in the account. In certain situations, banks have a set ceiling ranging from $10,000 to $1 lakh. The SBI savings account also offers great deals in savings account interest rates.

In addition, through using HSBC’s Everyday Global Account, you can increase your savings with hardly any commitment, thanks to a number of benefits it provides known as Everyday Extras.

What exactly is cashback, and how does it assists you in saving money?

One of the most interesting features of the HSBC Everyday Global Account is the cashback service. Payment funds are mostly used for buying, but there are not many that can consciously assist you in saving. Via a cashback scheme, HSBC’s Everyday Global Account enables you to do it all. Cashback would be when you collect a certain percentage of a payment refunded to your savings account in cash.

Whether you perform transactions using Visa payWave, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, you can receive 2% cash rewards on qualifying transactions below $100 with the Everyday Global Account. This implies you will get $1.80 return on a $90 purchase (up to $50 per month).

Although budgetary control on a daily basis is important for preserving, if you are a particularly long term planner, you will understand that each and every additional penny matters in the big scheme of things, particularly when you have future plans to meet.

To earn money return rewards, you must transfer at minimum $2,000 into the Everyday Global Account per month. It is also worth noting that not every transaction qualifies for rewards points. Terms of the contract, as well as exceptions, are available there.

How much money return rewards will you gain with HSBC’s Everyday Global Account?

No two individuals would have the identical way of living or financial management patterns.

Your cash rewards balance is determined by how as well as how much you pay. For example, even though your every month expenditures are huge, you can receive very little in cashback if you are using cash quite frequently. The highest you will receive per month is $50, that might increase up to $600 per year.

But suppose you are not really a huge spendthrift and spend an estimate or median of $550 per month on small transactions. Simply spending as you normally would on your daily debit card might result in $132 money return rewards in a year.

It should be noted that the estimates are totally depending on possible scenarios, and real earnings and savings account interest rate might very well vary depending on the individual and personal situations, conditions and spending.

So, whether you would want to increase your savings by $600 per year or earn $132 in money return rewards every year, HSBC’s Everyday Global Account can certainly assist you get pretty close to your future financial goals.


Saving entails putting money together for a certain purpose. Perhaps you are wondering about how to save cash for your future in the long run, or maybe you are worrying about how to save money for everything on the way. Adhering to the schedule is important if you have a timetable on when you really require a certain amount of cash. Savings must be part of your daily life, and it must include tracking your success and finding opportunities to increase the amount of money in your savings account. Begin with these guidelines for few of the most specific goals.


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