Beautiful Tanzanite Jewelry to Gift your Loved Ones

Beautiful Tanzanite Jewelry to Gift your Loved Ones


Bachelorette parties, engagement or wedding, who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and stunning. Jewelry is always a dazzling and timeless gift one can receive, particularly when it marks a cherished moment. Jewelry crafted with gold and precious gemstones are especially luxurious and appealing. If you’re planning to buy jewelry for a wedding, then look out for an elegant Tanzanite necklace that will shine in group photos. Tanzanite is one of the Big Five Gems with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires in the list and is well-known for its flawless blue-violet color which changes tone depending upon the angle you look at it from. Stones that have a light tone are viewed as inferior quality.  Talking about durability, Tanzanite ranks 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it a significant delicate gemstone.

When looking for Tanzanite jewelry for your big day, you need to find pieces that are not only unique for the wedding day, but something you’ll wear again as Jewelry isn’t intended to be a one-time accessory. The pieces ought to be timeless yet not very old-fashioned, and obviously, it needs to work with your wedding dress neckline. For your comfort, we have listed out some Tanzanite jewelry collection ideas.

Tanzanite Jewelry Gift Ideas for December-born:

  • Yellow Gold Motif Charm Bracelet:

This lovely motif charm bracelet will make an excellent gift for your wife or girlfriend if she was born in December. The bracelet’s brightness is accentuated by its one-of-a-kind design, which complements the blueish color of the gemstone. You can buy this beautiful Tanzanite charm bracelet only at Gemos Gems.

  • Heart-shaped Tanzanite Ring:

Do you have any plans to propose to your partner? What would be better to express your love with a birthstone that suits your partner? This lovely Tanzanite ring is made in the shape of a heart. The heart-shaped Tanzanite is perfectly situated in the middle, emphasizing its genuine brightness. Its awe-inspiring beauty is enough to mesmerize anyone.

  • Tanzanite Stud Earrings:

These stunning Tanzanite stud earrings are made in 14K gold and have a circular shape. Tanzanite features a fascinating blue hue and a stunning brilliance to it. These Tanzanite stud earrings are created in a prong setting for extra beauty. Wear this gauzy pair of brilliant studs wonderfully created in solid gold setting for a modern and edgy look.

  • Tanzanite Pendant Necklace:

The unique and graceful style of this stunning Tanzanite pendant necklace is enough to captivate senses. It’s made of 14k gold and has a deep-colored Tanzanite that’s bezel-set oval-shaped. This mesmerizing December birthstone is the focal point of this work of art!

Where to Buy Tanzanite Jewelry?

Gemos Gems offers an extensive range of beautiful jewelry such as Rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, chains, and bracelets. Apart from jewelry, we deal in precious and Semi-precious gemstones such as Rough Tanzanite crystals and Tsavorite.

5 Things to keep in mind while storing Tanzanite in your jewelry collection: 

It’s easy to restore the shine of precious gemstones. Most gemstones should only need to be cleaned every other month. If you want to clean your jewelry more often, be sure to use a gentle method and avoid ultrasonic cleaners or steamers. Follow these simple steps to keep your tanzanite jewelry look shiny and new for years to come.

  • Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is essential in keeping your jewelry look shiny and gorgeous. Cleaning Tanzanite jewelry is so simple that you can do it by yourself at home. All you need is warm, soapy water. Before doing so, remember to wear gloves.  After washing, bluff dry and polish it with a soft, clean chamois cloth to remove any water marks and fingerprints. Remember to flush!

Note:  Try not to use ultrasonic machines and steamers for cleaning as Tanzanite may change color when exposed to high temperatures. Avoid using chemicals for cleaning.

  • Safely storage in small pouches:

Safely storing your pieces when you are not wearing it, will surely add more life to your jewelry. While buying jewelry, you may have got small pouches for storing. These tiny pouches will help in storing your Tanzanite jewelry safely and reduce chances of damage. This will stop it from rubbing against other items. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to keep your jewelry away from sunlight as it may lose color.

  • Avoid wearing jewelry purposelessly: 

However, the Gemstones are quite strong and durable. Reducing Scratches 

When you own Tanzanite jewelry, there are slight chances that it gets scratched. However, there are many cleaning products available in the markets, which can get you rid of them. The regular use of these products helps you in keeping your precious stone shining for years to come. Beside this, get your Tanzanite jewelry checked by a professional at least once in a year. They may suggest you get your Tanzanite pieces polished. We recommend you to pick a decent jeweler who has gemological knowledge such as Gemos Gems.

  • Insurance

As we have told you above, ‘Tanzanite’ is among one of the rarest gemstones in the world as it is mined in only one place on earth. That simply means that the value of your Tanzanite jewelry may increase over time and you are likely to get a better return in future. Nowadays, people are showing interest in Tanzanite for investment purposes. So, why not insure this valuable asset. Get it insured as soon as possible.

Is it worth it to go for Tanzanite over other precious gems?

Though Tanzanite is really rarer than other precious stones, its cost is much lower in comparison to them. In the event that you think about that as a fine Diamond in a 5 carat size can range from upwards of $95,000 per carat while an extremely fine 5 carat Tanzanite will be in the $780 to $1,300 range (depend upon where you are getting), it gives you a smart thought of the divergence.

The Tanzanite market, dissimilar to the Diamond business is driven absolutely by the laws of demand and supply. The Diamond market is firmly constrained by a few huge players who control the stock market and in this way the cost too. The two gemstones look mind blowing when encased in bits of adornments like rings, pieces of jewelry, or arm bands. They additionally make stunning and totally interesting gifts. However, there are numerous different contrasts among jewels and tanzanite stones which you need to consider when looking for a significant stone or if important gemstones truly fascinate you. However, people are now looking at Tanzanite as Investment option. It’s anticipated that tanzanite value will keep on ascending due to its scarcity in the future, which makes it a stone with extraordinary investment potential.


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