5 Living Room Wall Stickers from Asian Paints

5 Living Room Wall Stickers from Asian Paints


Once a certain wallpaper or paint is applied to your living room walls, it has to be retained for at least a few years. It is difficult to change a living room design repeatedly as remodelling your space can be a tedious and daunting process. However, you can easily add an enthralling look to your living room walls by using wall stickers for living room.

Using a wall sticker design for your living room walls can enhance the bland look of your walls riddled with plain colours. Selecting the right wall stickers for living room can provide a unique aesthetic appeal to your overall living room design. Also, wall stickers can be easily applied to your walls like stick on wallpaper without the hassle of preparing or cleaning your space afterwards.

A wall sticker design can be easily changed as per your demand and need since wall stickers can be easily applied and removed. There are a variety of wall stickers similar to stick on wallpaper that can be used to enhance the look and feel of your living room. Here’s a look at 5 living room wall stickers that you can use to upgrade the design of your living room.

Abstract Collection of Wall Stickers for Modern Living Rooms

Design your living room walls by using wall stickers with an abstract design theme for creating a modern living room space. You can replace your artwork by creating an accent wall with abstract wall stickers for an artful living room. Use an accent light to highlight the abstract wall sticker to create a unique design element in your living room.

3D Wall Sticker Collection for Designing Appliance Walls

3D wall stickers make use of visual illusion to create an exceptional look and feel for your walls. Creative 3D wall stickers for the living room can be used to complement the appliances and furniture in your living space. You can create an accent wall using 3D stickers to style the walls used for appliances such as the TV unit or the walls used to place your sofa.

Get Closer to Nature with Flowers and Trees Wall Stickers

Introduce an element of nature in your living room by using wall stickers with a theme of flowers and trees. You can use the flowers and trees wall stickers to add depth to your living room walls by placing the stickers on the top corners of the walls. You can also use this wall sticker theme with flowers and trees in combination with your living room décor to create an aesthetic appeal with the illusion of nature.

Festival Theme Wall Stickers for Your Living Room

Get your living room ready for any festival by using easy-to-use wall stickers that will bring the festival vibe into your home. A variety of festivals take place throughout the year in India due to which using wall stickers for decoration is the most convenient option. Similar to using stick-on wallpaper for designing walls, use wall stickers to conveniently design your walls and change them every time for the relevant festival. Use a variety of Christmas wall stickers for designing your living room walls for the upcoming Christmas festival.

Full-Feature Wall Stickers for Your Living Room

Use a full-feature wall sticker to design an entire living room wall to give the look and feel of a stick-on wallpaper. The only difference is that you can change the complete wall sticker conveniently and change a new one as per your demand. Select an entire wall to apply the wall sticker that will enhance and highlight your living room décor.

Visit the Asian Paints website to shop for innovative and attractive wall stickers for your living room walls. Asian Paints provides a wide variety of wall stickers that will give a creative and aesthetic appeal to the walls of your living room. Choose from a variety of wall sticker themes to appropriately design the walls of your living room.


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