Validating Email Addresses: Are Desktop Software Solutions Cost-Effective?

Validating Email Addresses: Are Desktop Software Solutions Cost-Effective?


Does your company utilize email to communicate with its clients?

If the answer is yes, you have undoubtedly already dealt with issues brought on by clients who don’t have active email addresses. What follows sound familiar to you?

  • NDRs (Non-Delivery Receipts) or bounced emails
  • having to manually add each NDR from each message or campaign to your customer newsletter list

Computerized Email Validation

  • One of the various desktop tools for mass email validation may have crossed your
  • Maybe you’re considering getting one of these desktop If so, halt!
  • We have discovered that these goods can’t deliver precise
  • One of the main issues with desktop software

Why do problems exist? The location from which the software is being executed is the issue, not the software itself.

A two-way “conversation” between the email box you are inspecting and the programme you are using to accomplish the checking is necessary when validating email addresses.

When the server that hosts the email box that you are checking has an issue, it is a problem. Due to the spam issues, many email boxes employ a variety of techniques to look for SMTP “conversations” that could be spam.

Your desktop email validation programme won’t function if:

Your internet service provider has given you a dynamic IP address to use on a desktop. Your IP address doesn’t have a reverse DNS entry.

Your desktop validation software’s IP address does not have any functional DNS or SPF records.

The following significant email service providers are not supported by desktop applications for email validation:


There are plenty of others that we might include, but these findings should be enough to make one wonder whether desktop email validation software is cost-effective.

Checking From Server To Server

We think that employing a server-based approach is the only practical option to validate email addresses with a level of accuracy that is acceptable. Servers can be set up to properly communicate with remote email boxes. This arrangement is just not doable with desktop software.

Value For Money?

Are products for desktop email addresses worth the money? Maybe some are, but it’s crucial to be prepared when you purchase a licence. Email address validation software will never be able to provide you with 100% correctness. However, you should be aware that desktop applications can’t produce decent results if you want the highest level of precision.

Using A Validator For Emails

On the Internet, using an email address validation tool is a highly dependable tool. You may now find several email address checkers online. The benefit of utilising an email address checker is that the checker takes care of analysing if the domain name or SMTP server is right or not, so you don’t have to.

If you only want to lessen the amount of administration of returned emails from your campaigns, this can be acceptable to you. However, server-based software is the only option if you require the finest validation results available.

Therefore, having email validation services is very important


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