The Five Ways to Warm the Bedroom without a Heater

The Five Ways to Warm the Bedroom without a Heater


Is the old man winter chilling your feet, nipping your nose, and driving up your electricity bill like crazy? Rather than increasing the thermostat to keep you warm when you are asleep, look out for alternatives to heat the entire house. Now the only room you use is the bedroom, you may stay comfy and alleviate your energy consumption simultaneously.

Mentioned below are a few tips to keep the bedroom warm without raising the heat. Please check them out right now.

Check the Drafts

If the bedroom windows have cracks or gaps, the warm air inside the house will most probably leak outside. This will compel you to feel chilly and overspend on the utilities you need for maintaining desirable indoor air temperature.

According to the experts offering heating repair in Montgomery County, every season, make sure to check all the windows that open to outside. You can feel for the drafts by hand. You can also hold an incense stick around the windows to look out for unusual smoke movement.

Put the Ceiling Fan in Reverse Direction

The ceiling fans are believed to be the best way to decrease energy. During the summer season, the counter clockwise direction creates a cool breeze that is basically a treat on hot and muggy days and nights.

Once the winter months come, it is time to reverse the direction of the fan to clockwise. That way the blades of the fan will pull warm air right from the ceiling and push it down into the room where you actually need it.

Try Space Heaters

Several experts suggest that at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for sound sleep. If the temperature dips below, you may warm things up with a space heater. When choosing from among the wide range of options readily available, please go for the one that seems suitable for your bedroom. Place it far away from the bed so that the bedsheets do not come in contact with the heater.

Move the Bed Away from Window

If your bed is usually positioned right beneath the window, you can feel a little warmer by moving it away to the side of the room that has no windows. Unless the windows have multiple panes, the glass tends to cool down significantly during night, thus, cooling the air near the window. So you feel cold when you are in that vicinity. The same can be said for external walls with inferior insulation.

Lay a Thick Rug

Hard flooring like laminate or wood has several benefits but generating warmth is not one of them. You can lay a thick rug during the winter season to insulate the bedroom and give the feet a warm treat when you crawl out of the bed in the morning.  A faux sheepskin rug is not only cozy but also stylish.

Apart from the tips stated above, according to a well-known electrician in Montgomery County, covering the windows can warm up the bedroom. Because the external temperatures transfer through the window, you can surely insulate the bedroom a tad by switching to heavily insulated window coverings during the winter season.

Cover up the blinds or purchase lightweight sheers having lined drapes. Select a cheery color for chasing away the winter gloom.


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