Should You Replace a Panel or the Whole Garage Door?

Should You Replace a Panel or the Whole Garage Door?


Garage doors go through a lot as you use them, but it can be hard to figure out which parts you need to replace. For example, many garage doors nowadays use panels, and when damaged, it makes it easier to replace these panels rather than the whole door. But how can you tell when you should replace a panel and when you should replace the door entirely? To be better informed, keep reading.

The Age of Your Garage Door

When replacing an individual panel because of wear and tear, the garage door itself may have aged too. Changing the panels is only temporary, as you might have to replace the other panels in the future. The average lifespan of a garage door is around 20 to 25 years. If yours is only ten years old, you might be able to repair the broken panel and leave it as is.

Finding a single panel for an older door may be difficult, as it has to be equivalent in terms of weight and size, as well as appearance. Furthermore, changes in the look of your door resulting from weather exposure will make matching the replacement part even harder unless you paint it. Therefore, if you plan to replace your garage door in the near future, you might want to replace it sooner rather than later.

Cause of the Damage

Something to consider is what caused the garage door panel to be damaged. Minor flaws in the damaged area can happen due to normal wear and tear, such as small scratches, dents, rust, or cracks. You can consult a professional to determine the severity of the condition and whether it is limited to only one panel. If this is the case, you can use wood filler, paint, or a strut to fix your garage door panel.

Other accidents can occur, though, and that could make the damage far worse. For example, a car may have hit your garage door, or someone tried to open the door with the automatic opener while it was locked. When this happens, the damage can extend far beyond the individual panels. Even if you do not see the damage, essential garage door system mechanisms such as the struts, track, springs, or door opener may have been affected. One sign of damage is if you cannot close the garage door. If this is the case, it is essential to contact a professional to take care of it.

Replacement Expenses

Panel replacement is one of the more expensive garage door repairs. The cost of repairing your garage door panel is likely to be determined by the hourly rate of the garage door repair company or service person. Check your warranty coverage first to see if it is covered, then get price quotes, and select which option gets you the most bang for your buck.

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