6 Ways To Clean Entrance Floor Rugs

6 Ways To Clean Entrance Floor Rugs


So, what’s the simplest and most effective way to keep your entrance rugs sparkling?

The build-up of tough dirt, grit, and debris trapped in your rugs pile will need to be removed, so we’ve put together 6 helpful tips to help you.

How To Keep Your Entrance Rugs Shiny

1 – Laundry Machine

There are two options available for washable rugs. The first option is to machine wash in a domestic or commercial washing machine, while the second is to hose and dry, with the latter being the most practical, easiest, and least expensive.

2 – Vacuum Cleaners, Both Wet And Dry

Always check with your supplier to see if the product is washable. This option may be more suited to commercial and industrial settings because this type of cleaner is not always readily available, but if you have one at home, by all means, use it!

3 – Carpet Cleaner

Again, this could be a product that most businesses and even some households have on hand. The carpet cleaner provides a deep clean as well as dirt extraction. The carpet cleaner, like the wet and dry vacuum, provides excellent wet pick-up and then dries, making it ideal for indoor entrance rugs.

4 – Vacuuming

A daily vacuum is ideal for rug maintenance and may be sufficient in the long run for areas with low to medium foot traffic. However, for areas with high foot traffic, you will eventually need to perform a deeper clean.

5 – Use A Damp Cloth To Wash Or Mop

This tip is best suited for rubber rugs, particularly those used in kitchens and bars. When cleaning the rugs on a daily basis, simply mop over or damp wipe them at the same time. Check with your supplier again to see what chemicals can be used and that they will not damage or break down the rubber. You can simply take the items outside and hose them down before hanging them to dry, which is similar to the damp cloth/mop down method.

6 – Shake Up The Rug

This tip is intended for general daily maintenance and is effective in areas with little foot traffic. It goes hand in hand with tip 4, so once shaken, a quick vacuum will refresh carpeted rugs and leave the pile plusher and fuller. When shaking out your rug, move it away from your entryway and shake it vigorously on grass or any other surface that will not leave trapped debris on the floor outside your building.

Cleaning Home Entrance Rugs

Domestic entrance rugs can be washed in your washing machine, but if the weight is not properly checked and the rug is too heavy, it could damage your washer, especially if it’s a runner rug with unusually long dimensions!

Clean Entrance Rug for Businesses

If you choose the washing machine option for commercial and industrial locations, because the sizes of the products are generally larger than domestic, we would recommend a commercial laundry or dry cleaners, but once again, the simplest option for cleaners/maintenance is to simply hose and dry, which can usually be done in one day and the rugs back down working for the next day.

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