5 Tips For Drawing The Perfect Cat’s Eye

5 Tips For Drawing The Perfect Cat’s Eye


The problem is, this is one of the most challenging beauty tricks to master. Right up there with curling your hair and applying fake skin curler, I would say. I’ve been giving this look a time out for the past few months, but with the holiday party season starting at T minus two days, I’m ready to crack some of my pet tricks (collected from all the times I’ve interviewed makeup artists about it, and now it’s implanted in my brain). So, since sharing is caring, here they are.

After you make one pass, go over the lines again to perfect the shape.

Even if your line looks like shit the first time, all is not lost. Just line drawing over it again to make the shapes more deliberate and fill in any gaps.

I like mixing my materials for this. For example, if I start with a liquid liner, I might go over it with some gel liner and an angled brush. Think of the first pass as just a guideline — the second time neither a charm.

Don’t forget to consider your eye shape.

If you have perfect, almond-shaped eyes, feel free to skip this step if you don’t like it. Well, know that small eyes appear more prominent with a thicker line. (Think D&G instead of Armani.)

As for the wings, if your eyes are round, then they are an excellent idea. Extending out that flick will make them look more almond-shaped.

PS: Skip the mascara on your tube lashes for an authentic cat-eye look. Angelina tends to do it — see?

Clean up your work with a makeup wipe and concealer.

It is your money tip, and it is what you keep in your back pocket to use when all else fails. So your lines are a bit messy, a bit too thick. Not graphic enough. All you have to do is bust out a makeup wipe and remove what went wrong.

Then take some concealer, concealer brush, and paint away any remaining problem areas to make the lines and any pointy bits more accurate. I believe what is happening here:

Even if it’s not yet a trend, you can still do smudgy.

Smoking is not wrong. It may not be on the runways so much, but it’s not bad. If there is no saving your graphic cat eye, pull out a Marc Jacobs and spread it with a brush:

Make sure the rest of your makeup is in balance.

I’m not going to say that you have to play with your lips because some cool drawings can look fabulous with a graphic eye as long as the line is not too thick. Remember this look from Carolina Herrera?

You can also go brighter than this. BUT: if you are doing a prominent lip and big eyes, then my recommendation is to go easy with blush.

However, if your lips are more neutral, then definitely add a little more color to your cheeks to balance things out. I guess it’s all about the blush.


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